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Soon I will upload a complete documentation of the game. The code inside is well commented now.

1. What is the difference in the sources of Windows and GNU/Linux ?
The difference is the implementation of the "sleep" function to create small delays. When the "sleep" function is defined on the standard c library in unix platform, it is defined in windows.h on Windows. This is the only difference in the source code now.

2. Why doesn't a small delay at the time of starting the game appear on my GNU/Linux distribution ?
There is only 1 print function in the game (paintEvent ()). This function is called inside a for loop while generating the random points of a snake. In GNU/Linux it turns out that the repaint() function gets optimized 1 or 2 repaint () functions (actually this should be the number of snakes playing the game). This unwanted optimization seems to create the problem. Unfortunately there is still no solution to it, recommending any solution would be much appreciated.

3. How to change the resolution of the game ?
Resolution of the game can be changed by changing the resx and resy values in the file kurve.ini. Changing the resolution is not yet fully supported as all the texts that were displayed on other parts of the screen are not dependant on the resolution. Hoping to include more support in the next release.