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Die-kurve is a multiplayer game (maximum 6 players) each player controlling a snake. Each player plays to survive until all others are dead. When each snake dies, every other snake that is alive is given 1 point. Each snake has to survive within the screen boundaries and without hitting other snakes. This game resembles the classical dos game built with turbo c++ which was released years ago. This game might be a little better than the old dos game because it works on the 32-bit platform, providing us with better display and better controls.

The current latest version of die-kurve is 1.1. Please email your valuable suggestions and bug reports to rameshg87@gmail.com

The game is built on C++ with Qt (It uses Qt's libraries for drawing operations). The game is provided in executable form for windows and gnu/linux. It should be difficult to use the executable for various gnu/linux distributions because of the dependancies in the libraries. Hence I suggest if you have Qt > 4, compile the source code. Also it would be helpful if you can create a package for your distribution and mail it to me.